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Hi, welcome to the CWMS testing family

Quickly make a plan and send it to friends :) The fastest way to get together! - WWWW - Getting started is easy and fun, follow these steps: Who? - Tap some of your friends to join in. What? - Pick a fun activity you plan on doing. When? - Choose a good time and day for the event. Where? - Discover cool places to meetup with them. Share your event via SMS, everything is bundled up nicely into a single message that shows a beautiful map with the date/time directions and who is going. We also have full iMessage support so you can do all of this while never leaving your messages. Upgrade to Premium to unlock even more awesome features: Groups - Quickly create group events and send to your friends. Calendars - Automatically adds events to your calendar with a location. Reminders - Creates a reminder that will alert you 15 minutes before. Countdowns - Check how much time you have until the event. If you have any feedback make sure to send an email to or give us a review. Thanks and happy planning!

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